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Clinisol is an employee-first Healthcare IT staffing organization with one of the highest success rates for placing technology specialists in environments that require high caliber talent with industry specific skills and experience. We are unique in the industry in providing consultants with superior benefits, education, training and career guidance as they advance up the ladder to accept new roles and additional responsibility at leading organizations. As a result, our consultants are committed to excellence in the workplace, and often are hired directly into our client organizations.



Clinisol caters to the needs in the following industry sectors:


  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare 

  • Life Sciences

  • Media

  • High Tech


Every industry sector has its unique needs and our team is trained to understand and deliver to the specific requirements in each of the industry sectors listed above.


Clinissol understands the resource and staffing challenges that Healthcare IT leaders face in today’s complex environments. Teamwork, culture, seniority, skill sets, industry knowledge, product knowledge and availability are among the critical factors we evaluate. Our screening process is exhaustive.


Our candidates are prequalified based on industry knowledge, familiarity with business process and work flows, technology competencies fully compliant with your requirements.


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