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Clinisol is an employee first staffing organization. We are unique in the industry in providing our consultants with superior benefits, education, training and career guidance as they advance up the ladder to accept new roles and additional responsibility at leading organizations.


At the core of our success is our ability to place candidates into environments that are exciting, challenging and offer a clear path to advancement while permitting the right balance of work and life. We embrace our consultants as individuals. We are mentors and advisors. By focusing on consultants personal needs, our people strive for excellence in the workplace. It’s a virtuous cycle that benefits all.


Over the years we have honed our practice areas and technology competencies, which enables us to transfer learning to our consultants in the form of training and skills building. Applicants can be assured that we will properly assess their knowledge of industry- specific applications, software and business process, before they begin their first assignment. Our goal is to expand applicant’s horizons from a single technology focus to multiple competencies.



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