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Clinisol understands the resource and staffing challenges that Healthcare IT leaders face in today’s complex environments. Teamwork, culture, seniority, skill sets, industry knowledge, product knowledge and availability are among the critical factors we evaluate. Our screening process is exhaustive.

Our candidates are prequalified based on industry knowledge, familiarity with business process and work flows, technology competencies and personal behaviors to make sure they fully comply with your requirements. Our success rate is second to none. One out of three candidates is hired and the average tenure as a contractor is three years. Many applicants transition to full time employees. Since our pool of applicants is wide and deep we typically respond with recommendations within two days.


We offer a variety of staffing solutions:


  • Contract

  • Contract to Hire

  • Permanent / Full Time


Candidates placed in the right situation excel. They are passionate about technology and enjoy the intellectual reward that comes with developing new applications, integrating complex systems or implementing a business intelligence framework.


Clinisol best practices and knowledge transfer means that you benefit from years of expertise imparted to our consultants on an ongoing basis.


Our Service Guarantee


Clinisol is committed to our clients and offers the following guarantee:

  • If there are any performance issues in the first two (2) weeks of the new consulting engagement, we will NOT charge the customer for those two (2) weeks of billable hours.

  • Also we guarantee that we will find a replacement resource for our customer within 48 hours.


Enhancing Talent and Resources


  • Source talented employees with advanced US degrees with relevant professional training :

    • Match Industry Experience (1-9 years)

    • No downtime for training

    • Improve client satisfaction 


  • Source advanced solutions & experienced team through Sollers’ Alumni Network of almost 1400 professionals


  • Available corporate training to enhance current employee portfolio and improve staff retention



Core Areas


Clinical Trials

  • Clinical Research

    • Associate

    • Coordinator

  • Clinical Data Analyst

  • Clinical Site Operations Manager

  • Clinical Project Manager

  • Clinical Trial Manager


SAS Clinical

  • Jr. Biostatistician

  • Sr. Biostatistician

  • SAS Programmer

  • SAS Application Developer

  • SAS Clinical Programmer


Drug Safety

  • Data entry Associate

  • Argus Support

  • Argus insight & analyst

  • Drug Safety

    • Associate

    • Specialist

  • Medical Reviewer (Physician)

  • Pharmacovigilance

    • Scientist

    • Audit/Compliance

    • System specialist

  • Regulatory Compliance Officer Medical

  • Global Safety Officer Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV)


Analytics and Information Systems

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Finance & Risk

  • Retail Market Monitoring

  • Cyber Security



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